The terrible battle against the Archaics ended. The gods are dead and the races of Korn left alone on their own. However, their absence and the disappearance of magic wasn’t the end for the inhabitants of this world. A new revolution has dawned.

After centuries in the dark, bigs empires arise from the ruins of the old ones thanks to the Arcanotechnology and a new resource: The essence, the old gods own blood, shed over the world during the Ragnarök.
Arcanotechnology is one of the main pillars on which Korn is based, and so is Jernhest. The system has been updated for new possibilities in this new technological world. A full developed world, 18 new classes, more than 30 archetypes, equipment, spells, magic and arcanotechnological items, vehicles and monsters that will help you got into this amazing Steampunk setting.

The book (380 pages) is divided in 3 parts:
Past: Geography and history (213 pages)
Present: The rules (128 pages)
Future: “The Heart of the Machine” (28 pages)


Additional Content:

– OST «Discovering Jernhest»  –> mp3 format

– Murder Mystery Party “La casa de las 100 Flores” –> PDF format

– LARP “The Conclave” –> PDF format

– “Cruce de destinos” adventure –> PDF format

– “En busca del Luna Esmeralda” adventure –> PDF format

– “Sangre y Acero” adventure –> PDF format

– Editable PC sheets pack.

– HD Maps Pack

Jernhest is a campaign setting and requires the book: Aventuras de la Marca del Este.