A cyberpunk dystopia that reproduce the decadent intrigues of the Sun King in a post-apocalyptic future.

Cybersalles is a RPG set on a futuristic  world that emules the decaying society full of Intrigues of Louis 01, the Sun King. In Cybersalles the players  became covert agentes, ambitious nobles, informatic  rebels or criminals  trying to survive in a dangerous maze of complots to make fortune, influence and status.

Authors: Alejandro Lizaur and David Molla.

A nuclear winter hides the light of the sun and a new glacial age has risen. The energy, the light and warm that came from the sun is the greatest treasure in the frozen wasteland where nomadic motorized hordes, riding roaring mechanical behemots, raid the few settlements that resist in order to obtain fuel and technology to recicle.

There is only one beacon of civilization that shines in the darkness: the archology of Cybersalles. Inside the golden belly of this colossal palace, a decadent genetic aristocracy plays a vicious game of power in order to achieve the attention of the all mighty Louis 01. Between masquerades, covert agents walk the dangerous intrigues of the court armed with sharp ingenuity, charm and the last advances in cibernetic combat to steal the DNA and secrets from the neural data fortress of their objectives.

In this golden jail a secret war of intrigues, espionage and assasination. The great families of the Blood Princes fight to obtain the favour of the Sun King and the titles and wealth associated with it. The Church follows the interest of their artificial gods, the Artilechs, ancient AIs that aspire to rise humanity to a new level of existence. In the shadows, Hackobins rebels aspire to depose the genetic tyranny of Louis 01 through cyber attacks and sinister biotec sorcières practice the forbidden arts of the genetic manipulation.

Cybersalles is a dangerous jungle of mirrors where lace fans hide the chrome faces of cyborgs,  where a smile is more dangerous than the blade of a fractal rapier  and scandals end more lifes than railguns.

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