Hundreds of worlds have been lost. We look back and we can only do it with shame and blame. Everything happens over a milenniun, but still too fast.

Now we resist in this last world, our homeworld. All these brave youngsters have no blame, but this is the time they have to live on. The time for disasters and horror as it has happened many times before.

I pray so the spark of hope can be born in their midst and change everything, closing the door that never should have been opened.
Kyrie, The last Refuge (tambien podria ser the last Haven, eso habria que preguntarselo a ellos xD) is a RPG half indie and half classic. With 20 years of developing on its back, 4 different system versions each better than the last one, it had time to stablish on its own as a product. It is fast and dynamic but at the same time deep. Players will have all the tools they need to have fun no matter how long they’ll play.

There are no orcs, elfs, dwarfs or halfling. Discover 15 new races that combines with 10 diferent classes, let you choose between 150 possiblilities.

Explore the 7 lost cities of Kaldrainii, the glory of the old world. The ruins of the M’nesias, the ones that inhabit the world before.
Assault the Kaleydann Dome, the “roof of the world” and fing what lies beyond. Or explore the Arcane, the spiritual world, where the magical spirits don’t come back.
Wield the Amr’agot, level it up with Spheres and from that point, design your own magical powers depending on the moment with an easy modular system. The Abralldessar’s Magic diagram is the biggest ally in combat for a wizard.
A live World
The fantastic in Kyrie is very present: Use the Brilliant Crystals from the insides of the world; escape from C’nogarak, “the water that rise and fall”; be guided by the light of the Shem’naar; look for the Shaei-Naru, the sudden and dangerous stone rains; or fall to the deepless depths after stepping on the Gharrull, “the fake earth”.

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