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We have the honor to show you our next project at Bastión de Mundos. Cybersalles, a dystopic cyberpunk that emules the decaying society full of Intrigues of Louis XIV, the Sun King, in a postapocalyptic future. In Cybersalles the players  became covert agentes, ambitious nobles, informatic  rebels or criminals  trying to survive in a dangerous […]

Aaron Rosenberg joins Top Secret: New World Order

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Another celebrated author has signed on to write missions for Top Secret: New World Order, Aaron Rosenberg! We’ve just signed our agreement to bring on Aaron for his first mission, and hopefully many more. Aaron Rosenberg is no stranger to espionage games. In 1998 he released the RPG Spookshow, about ghosts who got a second […]

Top Secret: New World Order in spanish

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We have the honor and pleasure to announce that Bastión de Mundos is going to be the one to bring you in Spanish the legendary game of espionage TOP SECRET (created by Merle M. Ramussen in 1980) in this its 3rd edition; NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL. The game comes again from Merle M. Rasmussen himself with […]